Rotary clubs are all about solving real world problems, uniting with people in your community and further afield to take action, and create lasting change.

Ardal Aberystwyth is a new Rotary club in Aberystwyth, and we will have reached our 12th month since our official charter arrived last December by the time this post is published.

Starting any new club in the community can be hard work, and Ardal Aberystwyth has been no different. Rotary is already a global community, and so over the past year, we’ve had many a discussion on what we, as a club, want to support locally, nationally and internationally.

One such discussion has been to do with which charities we’d like to raise money for. Our finance team have worked hard over the summer months so that we can launch a charity branch to Ardal Aberystwyth, and future events that we organise or support will have a charity element to them.

Each year, our Llywydd will have the opportunity to decide on their chosen charity of choice, and for Kerry Ferguson this year, her chosen charity is the West Wales Domestic Abuse Service. A percentage of our charity donations will go towards our Llywydd charity every year.

With charity and events in mind, Ardal Aberystwyth have had a busy November and upcoming December. Earlier in November we supported the Aberystwyth Roundtable at their busy Fireworks Event, and also worked with Aberystwyth Rotary Club on the ‘re-launch’ of the Young Musician Competition which was held on the 19th of November 2022. We also helped with marshalling at the lantern parade for Menter Aberystwyth’s Switch On the Light event on November 26th – a real heart warming event that we’re always happy to volunteer for.

December is no quieter, we’ll be busy volunteering alongside the Farmer’s Market in Aberystwyth on the 3rd and 17th of December at the Old Bus Depot on Park Avenue. We have also been busy organising our first Christmas Carol Concert too, which will be on the evening of Friday 16th December at St Michael’s Church. Our Concert is open and welcome to all, and we’d love to see you at our inaugural Christmas carol concert.

If you want to volunteer in your community by supporting events, while getting to meet new people and make new friends – consider Ardal Aberystwyth Rotary Club. We have an excited 2023 on the horizon.